5 Essential things a wedding photographer should offer

5 Essential things a wedding photographer should offer

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You have been with your partner a while and have decided to get married, and you have always dreamed of a perfect wedding, beautiful in every way. But what would happen if you choose the wrong photographer? You day could be a lot less than perfect, and you may not like the images that your wedding photographer has taken. I am here to help you choose the right photographer so this won’t happen to you. Continue reading

How to write the perfect wedding speech for men only

How to write the perfect wedding speech for men only

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So your not feeling all that creative? the possibilities are endless when it comes to writing the perfect wedding speech or toast. It can be a big pressure on a groom to deliver a good speech so let me help you out a little and share some of my knowledge with you.

As a wedding photographer I have been to hundreds of weddings and I have witnessed every type of speech imaginable, from the good the bad and the damn right ugly. The biggest tip I can give is to use google search. Google is your friend when it comes to finding exactly what you need and quickly. There are thousands of websites with good tips and tricks so check them out, but carry on reading mine before you go and search!.

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A good resource of wedding speeches can be found here

Getting started early is essential when writing a wedding speech, the earlier you start the less pressure you will put on yourself, unless your the prime minister and regularly give speeches you need to start at least 3 months before the big day. Be prepared to avoid embarrassment.

The first step is to think who am I talking to? you know your audience and know what they may or may not find funny. Will there be children or elderly people present? will my speech be suitable for them? once you have decided on your audience it is now time to decide on style and further refine your content.

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Choosing your style is partly personal to you but also depends on the first step above and your audience. The most popular styles are as follows:

The Serious speech is as the name suggests extremely serious with no jokes, its just like giving evidence in court (not that I ever have) or having teeth removed, and is suited more to royals and people with no sense of fun. So unless your either a politician, a royal or have literally no personality then stay away from this one…….but you can add serious parts into your speech or start it off serious for a bit of wind up fun!

The Romantic Speech is yet again as the name suggests its extremely romantic……ahhhh this speech will cover all aspects of how you first met, your first date, and will be very tear inducing for your bride to be. When you write the speech think about all the nice things you have done together, holidays and memorable life events are a good starting place. My best tip for the romantic speech is make sure you address your audience by turning your head and looking at the whole room and not just staring at your future wife’s best friend who has a low cut top on, that will get you divorced in no time. Instead when you come to a particularly romantic soppy line look at your bride in the eyes and she will melt and cry, plus it will score good brownie points with the in-laws seeing their daughter get emotional over the man she loves.

The house key speech is a cheeky little number that I have seen quite a few times and it has raised a few eyebrows. This is more of a short play than a speech but bare with me it is funny and makes the bride look like a bit of a hussy! The groom announces to all of his male friends that as he is now getting married he would like all the spare key’s back that his wife has given out to his mates. Then all the men stand up and put there house key in a basket and return it to the bride, (you need to give out random keys at the start of the day). You could put a bit of a twist on this classic by giving a key to your dad and granddad for extra bridal embarrassment.

The best man speech will as always have a massive dig at you the groom, so make sure you get your sweet revenge and have a dig at him before he gets you, try to pre-empt what he is going to say and reverse engineer it to your advantage. More thank likely your best man will bring up past events from school days or drunken nights out and even use pictures of you in the bath as a baby on a large screen projector, to stop this make sure you delete all embarrassing pictures from all social media platforms such as facebook! with regards to them embarrassing pictures of you in the bath as a baby, these are harder to make disappear and involves ninja like planning to storm your parents house under the cover of darkness to round up and temporarily hide said pictures. Don’t be a fool think smart, time is your friend, plan then attack!

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The Normal speech is your average run of the mill speech that has a mixture of romantic gestures with a little humour chucked in for good measure. You can combine the styles discussed here and mix them up a bit to tailor make your own style of speech.

The Drunken speech happens fairly often and entails you the groom rambling on about a load of rubbish whilst under the influence of alcohol, I know some will require some Dutch courage, but downing a bottle of wine and a few shots of tequila is not a good idea and will end up not very pretty. Avoid too much alcohol unless you are a hardened drinker and put beer on your cornflakes and can take it.

The theatrical speech is like a mini theatre production and for me is so fun to photograph. Now I haven’t seen many of these type of speeches but one that I will always member was from a wedding I photographed a few years ago. The mother of the bride stood up and began to shout and sing, then one at a time other members of the family got up and sang and danced to some backing music. It was a performance that must have took months of planning and rehearsals, it was fun and fresh and i still have fond memories of that day. I would not recommend this style of speech for just anyone unless you are closely related to the Von Trapp family or you have a theatrical background or your rich enough to pay for performers to produce and direct one for you. Here is a picture of the same performance.

theatrical wedding speech

Putting it all together is tricky, you can either memorise the speech or write it down, you know your own mind so I cant help you with that decision, but it is always wise to have a backup copy in your pocket just encase you need to have a sneaky look if you forget a line. Don’t stumble your words this is one thing that makes people feel uncomfortable, more than likely your in-laws will give you a funny glance and make you feel even worse, if this happens blow your mother-in-law a kiss and wink at your farther-in-law this will confuse them and get you off the hook.

So to sum up what you need to do.

  • Research
  • Plan
  • Style
  • No drinking
  • Become a Ninja
  • Be smart



10 things to know when choosing your wedding photographer

10 things to know when choosing your wedding photographer

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Choosing a Wedding Photographer 10 things to know

A wedding photographer has an extremely important job, to capture their clients most precious moments
at one of the greatest of family occasions.
Weddings are ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ events, meaning for the wedding photographer, there are no second
chances. With this in mind, choosing a trained and experienced professional wedding photographer is

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Chris Bottrell Photography understands wedding photography

1. Training and Experience
As a wedding photographer I have been trained to capture the magic and uniqueness of any wedding, from
civil ceremonies to all forms of religious services. When choosing a wedding photographer it is important
to know what training and qualifications your photographer has. Experience in my opinion is key, a well
established wedding photographer with many years of experience is vital so you as the customer can be
assured that you will get the highest standards from your photographer.


2. Who will be covering your day?
Some Wedding Photography companies have many different photographers working for them. As each
photographer is individual in style and technique, can you be assured that the style you want will be
delivered as you expected? At Chris Bottrell Photography all weddings are covered by myself and on larger
events myself and my assistant. We never use third party photographers. So rest assured that only one style
will be used.
We like to be non-intrusive in our approach and will keep our exposure to a minimum, would you really like
3 photographers at your wedding getting in the way? No, that is why I exclusively shoot all my weddings

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3. What’s included and terms of payment
This can be very confusing when comparing prices for wedding photography. Every photographer has
different packages available, many will give you a cheap base rate but will usually not include copyright
to your own images! I believe this is unfair and my customers always retain copyright to all images taken.
Copyright is usually taken so the photographer can up sell you additional prints, canvases, DVD slide shows
and Wedding Albums. This is a practice that I do not practice!
Chris Bottrell Photography has no hidden costs, what you see is what you get from our packages. All of our
packages include ALL of your final images on a disk in HIGH resolution 300DPI files ready to print as many
as you would like. A DVD slide show and on the higher priced packages a Deluxe wedding album. Additional
Albums can be purchased at COST price.
Does your wedding photographer require full payment up front? This is like paying for something you
have not even had yet and should be avoided at all costs. I only ask for a small deposit to be paid and the
balance to be paid 14 days before the day.


4. Credibility and reviews
Most photographers will have reviews posted on their own website, but how can you be sure that they
have not written them themselves?
It is always advisable to check out Google Places and Freeindex for reviews posted by past customers.
These two sites are independent and can be a valuable resource to see what people are saying about your
wedding photographer.


5. What’s your photographer like?
This may sound strange but what is the photographers personality like? Do they possess social skills are
they a suitable person to be at your wedding?
You must be able to feel at ease with your Photographer, there is no point in hiring someone who you have
no connection with as this will reflect in your final images, as you will be spending a whole day with this
person, it is a vital point to consider.



Chris Bottrell



6. Is your photographer good with children?
A good photographer has the ability to work and adapt at all levels and this includes working with children.
Ask your photographer if they have children themselves and if they are FULL ENHANCED CRB CHECKED. I
know I am and I will produce an original copy on request.
As a photographer you can get some amazing shots of children at a wedding, this is a firm favourite wit
the grand parents!


7. Additional Extras
So what exactly is offered? Ok so you may be given high resolution images but are they watermarked? And
do you have the rights to the images? it is always best to share the copyright between yourself and the
It is important to know the exact size im mega pixels you will be given and the DPI (dots per inch) and also
what file format the images will be delivered in. We deliver all our images at 300 DPI using a 22.2 Million
megapixel camera which can be printed the size of a car!


8. Equipment used
Chris Bottrell Wedding Photography is fully equipped with the latest technology using only high quality
digital equipment, ensuring you receive crisp, clear and colourful high definition images. Your wedding
images will under go digital enhancements and retouching to make sure every detail is perfect.
Blemishes or slight imperfections can be removed so as to enhance the end result. All wedding photos are
put through this treatment as standard.
It is important to know what equipment your photographer uses. Would you trust a photographer that uses
a consumer grade camera and lens? Digital cameras come in many shapes and sizes and of differing
quality. We only use Canon branded camera bodies and lenses, in my opinion they are the best that money
can buy and only the best will do for our clients. Our cameras are all 22.2 Million Mega pixels full framed
and all our lenses are canon L series. To find out more about canon professional photographic equipment
please visit the Canon website.


9. Wedding Photography Style
With many styles of wedding photography out there which one is more suited to you? Ask your
photographer what style they shoot in and if they are multi-styled. I am experienced in shooting many
different photography styles and I provide a diverse range of pictures to suit all tastes and settings.
One of the most popular styles is Reportage meaning “the act of telling news or what is reported as news.”
(noun) Another popular style is Contemporary. To understand the meaning behind contemporary
photography, you have to understand the definition. The word ‘contemporary’ means ‘belonging to the
same period of time’ or ‘of about the same age’. The implication of the use of the word contemporary is
that it is modern. Therefore, when applied to photography, a contemporary photographer will be defined
as a current or modern photographer. As well as these two popular styles there is also sometimes the need
for a few more formal shots which I am happy to undertake.



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10. Flexibility
Brides put flexibility high on their list. To many, flexibility is key. That said, packages are nice, but a
photographer that refuses to be flexible is not going to get very far with the bride. Brides also commented
that photographers get caught up in the OLD way of doing things, and never change with the times. Again,
this relates to being flexible.
Thank you for taking the time to read my Wedding Photographer article……..


Capturing your precious moments is what wedding photography is all about. Chris Bottrell Photography
has the experience and expertise to capture the mood and emotions of your special day as images that
become timeless memories you will treasure forever.