Blue the Greyhound – On location Norwich Pet portrait shoot

Blue the Greyhound – On location Norwich Pet portrait shoot

Portrait Photography

When a friend asked me to take some portraits of her parents greyhound Blue as a Christmas present for her dad i jumped at the chance. Not only am i an animal lover, i am also a massive fan of greyhounds and Blue the dog is no exception.

When i arrived at the house and met Blue i thought that this would be a nice relaxing fairly easy job because greyhounds usually are very calm and placid and spend 23 hours a day sleeping. How wrong could i be!

Blue was so loving and playful but he really didn’t want to pose for the camera and seemed to be a little worried about sitting on the white backdrop. Once Blue had been coaxed into position with the help of her favourite treat “hot dog” sausages! I literally had only split seconds to compose focus and take the shot.

It was a long and hard shoot with lots of effort from the dogs owners and myself but as you can see the results are some beautiful high key dog portraits that Blue’s owners were extremely happy with.