Great Barn Wedding Photographer

What exactly is classed as a great barn? Is it just the name or is the barn just simply great? I have often asked myself the same question. In this post, I will discuss all the official “Wedding Great Barns” in Norfolk and the unofficial wedding barns that are simply great! As I am a wedding photographer, and I could be classed as a great barn wedding photographer, I have visited some amazing wedding venues Norfolk has to offer. So sit back and relax pour a glass of wine and take in my personal guide to the best wedding barn venues in Norfolk.

Great Barn Wedding Photographer

Norfolk Great Barns for Weddings

Norfolk has many barn wedding venues to choose from, so let us start with the true great barns that Norfolk has to offer. Most people looking for a barn wedding venue will be familiar with our first choice the amazing Godwick Great Barn. As the name suggests this venue is what I am classing as one of the official Norfolk great barns.

Godwick Great Barn

Godwick Great Barn And Hall
Godwick Great Barn wedding

I absolutely love Godwick Great Barn and Hall. I have been photographing weddings here for many years and always get excited when I get a booking for this venue. The main attraction of Godwick Great Barn for me is the sheer size of the barn itself. Even though the barn is fairly bare, it has such character and is an ideal blank canvas for styling your wedding day.

The ceiling is very high which keeps the room cooler in the summer months, making it ideal for a summer wedding. Some large barns I have photographed weddings in have been very dark with no natural light. But this is not the case at Godwick Barn. The barn has two large doors halfway down the barn on both sides letting in a lovely amount of light.

Godwick Great Barn And Hall

As you can see from the above two photographs I captured at Godwick Great Barn the light is amazing! Streaming in from the two large windows and the many smaller windows the barn has to offer.

The exposed beams are another great feature for this Norfolk barn wedding venue. They are huge in size and the colour of the wood is natural, lovely and light which reflects the character of the venue. But don’t think that Godwick Barn is a one trick pony! The grounds are stunning, peaceful and remote giving you a total sense of privacy. The old ruins a short walk away are the main centrepiece for wedding photography along with its beautiful holiday cottages Godwick Great Barn is a perfect venue for a barn wedding.

Hales Hall And The Great Barn

Hales Hall and the great barn

Hales Hall & The Great Barn is by no means second place on my personal guide to Norfolk barn wedding venues. It just so happens it’s another one of my favourite barn wedding venues in Norfolk.

If you thought that the previous venue had a large barn then this one will amaze you at its colossal size! The Great Barn at Hales Hall is so large that you could easily host such events as the one hundred meter sprint or a game of cricket. Well, maybe not but it is impressively large and well deserving of the title of a great barn.

hales hall great barn photographer

Now let have a look inside the large Great Barn of Hales Hall. As I have previously mentioned Hales Hall Barn is truly one of the great Norfolk wedding barns. It boasts high ceilings and open beams the same as Godwick Barn but has a totally different atmosphere. The barn itself is darker due to the loop-hole windows letting in little light, but don’t think that this is a downside of the venue as it is not. Imagine over 180 candles glowing into the many small loop-hole windows producing a very romantic glow! And if you aren’t into candles then Hales Hall Barn has a totally amazing lighting system that will transform your wedding into any colour you wish!

Hales Hall Barn also has a few other added bonuses. Apart from the totally amazing grounds and lodgings, it has its own attic area overlooking the Great Barn (pictured above)

Norfolk Wedding Barns

So you have seen the true “Great Wedding Barns” of Norfolk, now its time to look at a selection of wedding barns that are just simply great! Don’t get me wrong the wedding barns I am about to show you are every bit as great as the others and are in no way a compromise. Some of you reading this may not want a wedding in just a barn, you may want something in between. So pour another glass of wine or grab yourself a hot chocolate and explore some more Norfolk wedding barn venues with me.

Norfolk Barn Wedding

Oxnead Hall

Oxnead Hall as the name suggests is a magnificent stately hall that’s only a mile or so from my house. But did you know that Oxnead Hall also has a great barn? Oh yes, it does! When looking at photographs of an Oxnead Hall wedding you are instantly drawn to the magnificent house and the perfectly kept gardens and grounds. But the main area for your wedding breakfast and evening entertainment will be the great barn of Oxnead Hall.

Large barn at oxnead hall weddings
light at oxnead hall barn

The barn at Oxnead Hall is similar to the barn at Godwick, it has massive windows and a front door that lets in oodles of sexy light that is just begging to be used. It reflects off the glasses and cutlery perfectly. Above the barn, at Oxnead Hall you have a raised platform (out of bounds to guests) but in bounds, for us lucky wedding photographers to capture some pretty cool shots from above.

So if you fancy getting married in a Norfolk wedding venue that boasts a stately home, perfectly landscaped gardens and a great barn then you will not find a better wedding venue in Norfolk.

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