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Hi, I’m Chris and I am a Norfolk Wedding Videographer, but also an award winning destination Wedding Photographer! But did you know that my roots are in Broadcast TV and Film? I often get asked because of my video background if I would do some Wedding Videography. After a while, I thought to myself why not! To date, I have Shot and directed numerous music videos including one for the Eurovision Song Contest!

My Wedding Videography style is identical to my stills photography style. I love to shoot videos that capture raw emotion in a cinematic way, using my knowledge of light and composition to deliver a breathtaking cinematic wedding film of your wedding day. I tailor my work to my couples as every couple is different and has their own unique style and tastes.


Norfolk Wedding Films

Rather than just offering one service I offer two different types of Wedding Films to capture your wedding story. You have the choice of a wedding film shot on standard 4K HD cameras. Which I refer to a Wedding Video Film. The second Is a true wedding Film shot on 6K Film cameras to capture your wedding story in all its glory.

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Wedding Video Film

This Service is a Cinematic Wedding Film shot on our standard 4K Full frame cameras. The quality is high and can be viewed on either a Digital download or on BluRay Disks. This is a very cost-effective service as the editing and colouring workflow is not as data and time consuming as our Digital film service.  


This option is for my couples that want only the best picture quality that any camera and director can produce. For this service, we will use two RED Epic Digital Film cameras that record in Cinema quality digital film at a whopping 5K frame size @120 frames a second for super slow motion footage. Your wedding film will be Edited and coloured in Davinci Resolve which is a Hollywood standard Digital film editing suite. The cameras we use have been used to shoot such films as Lord of The Rings and Spiderman. Your sound will be collected by a separate sound engineer who will master your tracks in a professional sound studio. You will have the choice of the standard delivery methods including the option of having your wedding film delivered on 35mm Film. Prices are upon application.

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Contact – I would love to hear about your big day.