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Have you just purchased a new camera? or are a keen amateur looking to perfect your photography skills? We are now offering photography courses and workshops in Norwich.

Chris Bottrell photography offers 1:1 training and photography workshops for amateurs and professionals alike. Please see below for our training courses.


This beginners course can be held in the evenings or day times to suit you in Norwich and the surrounding areas. In this course, you will learn the basics of photography and camera controls.

Camera controls – Camera settings – Shutter speed – Aperture relation – ISO usage – Depth of field – Composition – White balance – image formats

£100 3 Hour’s


This course is the next step from the beginner’s course. You will home your skills using the knowledge you learned during the beginner’s course. You will learn

Finding the light in any situation – Creative use of flash photography – How to cheat depth of field – Advance image composition – Creative use of shutter speed

How to achieve perfect focus – Editing your images in Lightroom – Choosing the correct equipment

£200 6 Hours


This Course is for anyone wanting to take the first steps to becoming a wedding photographer. Whether you’re a complete beginner or a seasoned professional wanting to learn new techniques this course is for you.

You will learn all aspects of becoming a professional wedding photographer from hands-on experience at a real wedding shooting beside myself. This Course is will cover Photography Styles, Web Design, Marketing, SEO, Equipment, Editing, Compositing, Contracts, Pricing to name a few.



Lightroom is a powerful industry standard catalogue and editing software used by professionals worldwide. In this training course, you will learn on a 1:1 basis how to get stunning results from using Adobe Lightroom. You will master all the sliders and begin to edit like a pro

£200 (6 Hours)