Advanced Photography Training Norwich

This course is the next step from the beginner’s course. You will home your skills using the knowledge you learned during the beginner’s course. You will learn

Finding the light in any situation – Creative use of flash photography – How to cheat depth of field – Advance image composition – Creative use of shutter speed

How to achieve perfect focus – Editing your images in Lightroom – Choosing the correct equipment

6 Hours  This is a 1 to 1 training course but can be made for couples or friends.

I may not be able to cover all subjects depending on learning and skill level so a couple of courses may be required to cover all topics

you may choose your own date to take this course after purchase. Or contact me for available dates.


This Course if for Amature and Professional photographer alike, Who feel that their photographic growth has stopped and are in need of a boost. This Course will give you a massive leap in your photographic career and help you understand and learn new techniques that you had previously did not know.

Main Topics covered

  • Advanced camera settings and shot preparation
  • Advanced shooting in manual mode
  • Creating texture with slow shutter
  • Advanced focusing techniques
  • Lens choice and manipulation
  • Self-developing as a photographer
  • Creative lighting Natural and Off camera
  • Colour management
  • Creative composition
  • RAW workflow
  • Lightroom Post processing




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