Florence Wedding Photographer

My name is Chris Bottrell and I am a Florence wedding photographer, based in the UK. I travel the world photographing destination weddings in my own unique style. Florence is one of the best regions in Italy to get married. The landscape and climate are perfect for a spring or summer wedding.

Florence Wedding photographer


Florence, inside the soul of Tuscany, is the perfect city in which to get married.  Numerous couples from around the world desire to get hitched in Renaissance Florence and choose to celebrate the happiest time of their life in this intimate city.

Florence offers the perfect setting when it comes to a memorable wedding, starting with its beautiful stone palaces all over the city to the romance of Ponte Vecchio and the lush rolling hills that surround the city with incredible views of Florence’s horizon. As a Florence wedding photographer, I always get excited then an enquiry comes in for this beautiful region.

The stunning Palazzo Vecchio that faces on Piazza della Signoria provides a splendid area for civil weddings. The newlyweds will find themselves within the soul of the city among some of the most famous and beautiful spots in the world. That in itself will make the occasion unforgettable but it’s certainly not everything, your wedding album is going to be extremely special, recording memories of your unforgettable day with Florence as the backdrop. Who wouldn’t cherish featuring wedding photographs with Florence’s skyline in the background as seen from Piazzale Michelangelo?

Anyone wanting a religious ceremony can choose to celebrate their vows in one of the numerous small churches populating the hills surrounding Florence. An ancient church in the middle of the countryside offers a private and romantic setting in which to recite your marriage vows. The wedding reception can follow inside a beautiful villa or perhaps in its garden savouring an enchanting perspective of Florence and the Tuscan countryside.

FLORENCE Wedding Photos