Strobist Wedding Photography

Chris Bottrell Photography has become famous for his “Strobist” Style wedding photography. Capturing breathtaking images at dusk of the bride and groom and guests. This style has taken many years to perfect and is unique to Chris Bottrell.

We sometimes get booked just to take these shots even if another photographer has been booked for the day. The term “Strobist” came from the Americans who call a camera flash a Strobe, it is also sometimes referred to as a strobe here in the U.K. but for someone who uses the style a lot they are known as a “Strobist” photographer.

I often get asked by clients and other photographers how I manage to capture these stunning images. I Wont go into too much technical talk here, but here is a quick low down on the style and setup. To capture the perfect Strobist shot the camera flash needs to be “off Camera” I use a long 15-20 foot pole with my flash mounted on the end, The flash is held somewhere above the subjects head.  The flash is triggered by the means of a wireless transmitter attached to the camera. By manually setting the flash and camera exposure just right you can capture the perfect strobist wedding shot.