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This was my first time as a Hengrave Hall wedding videographer, Hengrave Hall is such an amazing wedding venue, the grounds are breathtaking. As a wedding videographer Hengrave Hall is a hidden gem that I loved to explore. Sit back and relax, and I hope after watching this breathtaking film you will want to book me as your Hengrave Hall wedding videographer.

Like most of my weddings at larger venues I like to shoot over a couple of days, I visited Hengrave Hall the evening before to film some establishing shots and to take the drone up for a bird’s eye view of the area. Holly really wanted an overhead shot of the wedding car arriving back from the church along the one-kilometer driveway which is a tricky shot to pull off, but I managed!

I started filming the bridal party in the bridal suite of Hengrave Hall, the room is amazing with plenty of natural lights and mirrors dotted around. The boys got ready in the boy’s room and enjoyed a game of pool and chess along with a few cool beers. Michael wrote a letter to Holly that I recorded him and Holly reading which sets the audio for this trailer. I always like to base my films on a background story and love to use heartfelt audio to set the stage for the day. I pride myself on being a filmmaker rather than a Videographer, I shoot all my weddings on Digital film rather than video, the difference is night and day.

The ceremony took place in a church in Bury St Edmunds, Originally the church didn’t allow videographers to film the ceremony but I managed to sneak in with a smaller camera to capture the best bits disguised as a photographer! 

The two double-decker busses picked everyone up from the church to return to Hengrave Hall with the help of the amazing The Juke Joints which are an unplugged quartet band. Canapes and drinks were served on the terrace before the speeches and the meal, The food was wonderful!

The evening was just as awesome as the day, music was supplied by a saxophone player playing some belters to get the party started. Holly and her dad did the first dance followed by Michael and Holly. Once the Dj started it all got rather hazy! certainly, a night to remember. If you are getting married at Hengrave Hall and are looking for a Hengrave Hall Wedding Videographer feel free to get in touch using the form below.




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