Wood Farm Barn Wedding suffolk

This is the Wood Farm Barn Wedding of Jo & Ross. I met Jo and Ross through some friends of theirs I had previously photographed weddings for. To be honest I was rather excited when I was told the wedding venue would be Wood Farm Barn situated in the Benacre estate. With its rustic countryside location and beautiful landscapes. This had been a venue on my to go list for quite a while.

Jo hired a stunning house a short drive away from wood Farm Barn to get ready with her bridesmaids and her mum. My self and my Videographer stayed with the bridal party for a good 2 hours getting some preparation shots of the hair and makeup.

We then moved to the Wedding venue to capture Ross and the guest arrivals in the blazing heat. I can’t remember a wedding that was this hot! Apart from the weddings, I photograph abroad that is. I knew from the cloudless sky that it would be a day of high-speed flash to get rid of the facial shadows that can be a pest in the summer.

So the ceremony was beautiful, the rings were carried by Ross and Jo’s two little boys who did a brilliant job! We had some beautiful light coming in from the main window. I was quite surprised to hear that the registrars said that they normally have the blinds closed! All that beautiful light is hidden! no, thank you. Still, looking for a Norfolk wedding photographer

Wood Farm Barn Wedding Photos