Hautbois Hall Summer Wedding

Hautbois Hall Summer Wedding photography

Having just done a Hautbois Hall Summer Wedding three days prior this was my second wedding at Hautbois Hall in the space of a week. I am totally in love with this venue, first. It is absolutely beautiful and the staff are amazing, but best of all its only a few minutes drive from my house! Bonus.

So this wedding was not like all the other weddings I have done, this wedding was for two good friends of mine. So naturally, the majority of the guests were also friends of mine too. The lovely couple (Mario and Victoria) were not too fussed about daytime pictures, obviously, they wanted them but the focus was on the evening. Now I’m not saying that my friends are alcoholics, but hanging around with them all for the last 7 years I have come to realise that they all like a drink!

Mixing this up with a few northerners chucked in for good measure the night was going to be a blast. (you guys know who you are!)

We started off in Cromer at a relatives home, Victoria and all the girls slept in a cool tent-like thing. The morning went really quickly and I managed to grab some awesome photographs of the bridal party.

Hautbois Hall Summer Wedding

The ceremony took place outside as the weather was really nice if a little windy. After drinks were served in the gardens and the wedding breakfast began. We then went to the back meadow for some portrait shots of the bridal party and guests.

the evening entertainment started with an awesome ska band! there were plenty of inflatable saxophones and skanking as the party got into full swing. The evening was full of laughter and plenty of music. Victoria and Mario are avid music fans and love to party. The evening ended with a doughnut van and a Conger style sparkler sendoff!

This was an amazing day and I would like to wish Mario and Victoria all the best! East Anglia wedding photographer Chris bottrell photography

hautbois Hall Wedding Photos