how much should i pay for a wedding photographer?

How much should I pay for a wedding photographer? If you’re anything like, well, you’re probably anything like me: you’re probably sick and tired of hearing, “How much should I pay for a wedding photographer?” How much should a wedding photographer cost?

This question can give you different answers depending on the person you ask and how many years you have had it. Wedding photographers often tack on several different types of surcharges onto the price point – some charge by the hour, some charge by the minute, and some will simply charge by the job. These photographers all should be charged the same price, however.

In other words, the price range for what wedding photographer charge per picture basically coincides with the price range for what a second shooter should charge for the same job. For example, let’s say you’ve arranged for a wedding reception with two photographers. A music band will also be hired to perform live at the wedding reception. The first photographer would charge approximately ten bucks per shot and the second one will be charged an additional twenty-five pounds. It’s clear that the second photographer is a better deal when you consider that additional shooter.

So, the question becomes, how much should I pay for a wedding photographer? It all depends on the type of wedding, the date, the number of photographers involved and the participation of other people in the day-to-day operation of the wedding. The less involved you are, the less money you’ll spend. This also means that the fewer photography skill you have, the more money you can realistically expect to spend.

Prices for weddings can vary depending upon how many photographers will be contracted to photograph the day. Many photographers start by offering their services at the most standard rate per picture. Standard video and still photos are included as well as traditional photography shoots. Other photographers offer their services in a more refined style, with less video and stills being taken than in the standard approach, and more elaborate professional shots being offered.


Most photographers offer their services right from the start, right up to the engagement session. This is when many couples recognize that they don’t need just a professional photographer for photos but to also be present at the engagement session. They offer their services with a refined approach, striving to make the best image possible for bride and groom. They often use advanced equipment and techniques that would not normally be used on weddings of this scale. This can prove to be quite expensive but is well worth it when trying to create the most beautiful picture of your life. Prices for weddings in this price range can be anywhere from 10 thousand to several tens of millions.

Many photographers will begin offering their services after the wedding date has been selected and confirmed. It is worth paying ahead for such a service. Some photographers will offer their clients images from previous weddings, which they will save on their computer. The quality of your images will likely be better during pre-wedding. There won’t be as many images taken on the actual wedding day and there will probably more images captured during the engagement session. Most couples that pay upfront for their engagement sessions find that when they begin planning their weddings they can book all their vendors and suppliers well before the wedding day. The prices charged by these photographers will generally decrease as the months go on, as they will realize that many of the people they will be booking for the weddings will already have had their deposit or advance payment paid.

A majority of reputable photographers offer free consultations. You will have the opportunity to talk about your budget, which includes engagement and wedding photos as well as other photo requirements. Some photographers charge an hourly rate even though they are only available for a short time. The price that you pay for a wedding photographer depends greatly upon how much experience that photographer has, the quality of their photography, and how cooperative they are. Experience is essential for a wedding that succeeds.

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