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Park Farm Wedding

This was my first Park Farm Wedding, It’s a Norfolk Wedding Venue that is very underestimated. The park Farm Wedding venue is located in Hethersett just 15 minutes away from Norwich city centre and boasts some really nice gardens and extensive grounds.

My couple for this wedding was the lovely Candice and Jeff. I first met them both way back in 2014 when they first booked me. The wedding took place in 2015 but must have slipped through the net and never got published!

The day kicked off with bridal prep at Park farm with Candice and her bridesmaids. Geoff and the groomsmen were already dressed and at the bar having a couple of pre-wedding beers. The weather was really fair to us on this day as it was September and this month is usually a good month to get married.

As this wedding was a few years ago I can’t remember all the details of the day, apart from the massive amount of amazing balloons and loads of fun. the main photographic memory that I have from this Park Farm Wedding was the sky in the evening. When I took Candice and Jeff outside to the fields and managed to grab some amazing Strobist shots. The sky was totally perfect that evening and my couple were totally blown away with the shots.

park farm Wedding Photos