west lexham Wedding Photography Norfolk, norwich

When a Yorkshire rose meets a Moriori warrior and decides to get married in a relaxed outdoor wedding, there can only be one venue in mind, The amazing west lexham! 

This was a day full of traditional New Zealand culture, Hangi, Haka, and of course plenty of beer. The day started, unlike most weddings, with loads of homecooked stew with beer. 

Every aspect of the day was DIY which is very nice to see, no outside caterers to be seen, which for me is unusual but nice at the same time. I learned a lot photographing this New Zealand style wedding about the Moriori culture and traditions.

One aspect of the day that truly shined for me was the Hangi, which is a deep dug fire pit lined with hot stones, then covered with veg and meat. Then covered in wet cloths and buried under the soil. The meat and veg were to die for! 

West Lexham wedding venue is so big I didn’t get to explore the entire grounds but found the places I did explore were truly amazing, especially the river. 

As this was my first West lexham wedding, I was amazed at the place. it’s so vast and peaceful, I would highly recommend West Lexham to any couple wanting to get married.

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